Apple M2 chip PassMark score: single-core performance exceeds i9-12900

With the launch of a large number of MacBook products equipped with M2 chips, the benchmarking platform PassMark also has M2 benchmarking data. In terms of single-core performance, the M2 ranks fourth, placing it among the 12th-gen desktop Core i9s.

As shown in the figure above, the single-core performance of Apple M2 in PassMark is second only to i9-12900KS, i9-12900K, and i9-12900KF, which are three desktop processors with a power consumption of more than 125W, and it is also higher than the i9-12900 with a basic power consumption of 65W. 4 points.

Although Apple M2 excels in single-core performance, it is limited to its 8C8T specifications and power consumption limit of more than 20 W. It ranks 466th in PassMark's comprehensive performance rankings, lower than the 4-core 8-thread i3-12300 desktop processor.

Compared to M1, M2 still has 8 CPU cores, but the GPU has increased by 2 cores, with a maximum of 10 GPU cores. Apple claims that its multi-threading performance is increased by 18%, graphics speed is increased by 35%, 24GB of memory is supported, and the memory bandwidth is also doubled.

The M2 MacBook Pro 13 is available now, starting at 9999 yuan. The M2 MacBook Air will be available soon, starting at 9499 yuan.

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