Apple M2 MacBook Air teardown preview

Apple launched a new MacBook Air equipped with an M2 chip at WWDC. This computer will go on sale this Friday, but Apple has not given any details yet.

9to5mac has obtained some disassembly photos of the M2 MacBook Air through a source, and let's take a look at the internal design of the new model.

From the first two pictures, we can see the design of the internal hinge, speaker, headphone jack, and USB-C interface.

Photos show that this model has speakers mounted on the hinge, not near the keyboard like on the MacBook Pro. That said, the sound quality of the M2 MacBook Air may be affected by the placement of the speakers.

The other two images show the model's battery and trackpad design, which appears to be a classic three-segment Apple battery, while the trackpad doesn't seem to have many new features.

However, we can clearly see the cooling system of the Apple MacBook Air, and Apple seems to have adopted a large heat sink covered with graphite tape to further improve the thermal conductivity.

In addition, we can get a close look at the new midnight color of the MacBook Air below. Compared with the official renderings given by Apple and the photos shown at WWDC, the new machine looks bluer.

This new phone will go on sale tomorrow.

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