Apple watchOS 9 public beta Beta 1 released for Apple Watch Series 4 and later models

Apple pushed the watchOS 9 public beta Beta 1 update to Apple Watch users. watchOS 9 is suitable for Apple Watch Series 4 and later models and is paired with iPhone 8 and later models running iOS 16 or iPhone SE (2nd generation) and later models.

The watchOS 9 update is available to download after upgrading your iPhone to the public beta of iOS 16. After installing iOS 16, you also need to install the watchOS 9 profile.

watchOS 9 introduces more personalized watch faces, an enhanced fitness training app, a sleep stage feature in the sleep app, and an FDA-cleared atrial fibrillation history feature.

How to upgrade iOS / iPadOS / watchOS / macOS development / public beta?

Just download and install the to detect the development version/beta version upgrade in the system update. 

It should be noted that due to the cache configuration of Apple's regional node servers, there may be a slight delay in the detection of the upgrade update time in some places. Generally, it will not be too long within half an hour.

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