Apple's M2 MacBook Air goes on sale today

Apple's new MacBook Air equipped with M2 chips has been available for order from July 8 (Friday) and will be officially launched on July 15 (Friday).

Due to time zone differences, the first customers in New Zealand and Australia have already received the new devices.

Since there is no Apple retail store in New Zealand, Australian users can be the first to purchase the M2MacBook Air from Apple's offline store. Of course, custom models can only be ordered online.

Due to extremely high demand, coupled with the production reduction problem caused by the interruption of the supply chain, the delivery time of the M2 MacBook Air was delayed once the order was opened, which shows that the new machine is currently in short supply. At the moment, the M2 MacBook Air will not be shipped until mid-to-late August if you order it online due to tight supply.

After New Zealand and Australia, the MacBook Air will begin shipping (on sale) in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

The 2022 MacBook Air starts at $1,199 (from 9,499 yuan in the National Bank), and the previous-generation MacBook Air with the M1 chip still starts at $999 (from 7,999 yuan in the National Bank).

According to Apple, the new MacBook Air has a new slim design, four elegant appearances, a larger 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, a 1080p HD camera, support for MagSafe charging, and more powerful features.

The MacBook Air with the M2 chip features a more powerful 8-core CPU and up to 10-core graphics to help users get more done faster. 100GB/s unified memory bandwidth and support for high-speed unified memory up to 24GB make the new MacBook Air easy to handle larger, more complex workflows.

Yesterday, users who purchased this M2 Macbook Air National Bank version had already received a logistics notice, showing that "You have a courier from Apple that has been sent, please check your receipt information." In addition The Apple Apple Store app shows the M2 Macbook Air device as shipped.

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