Apple's OLED iPad is said to feature lightweight design and high display quality

Apple is now producing the final prototype of the iPad with OLED display, which focuses on lightweight design and improved display quality. The OLED iPad prototype is reportedly being produced by Apple in collaboration with South Korean display partners Samsung and LG Display. According to sources, the OLED screen uses a special coating to increase the durability of the display.

According to foreign media, Apple is focusing on providing a lighter design and "unparalleled image quality" for the OLED iPad, in part because the dry etching process significantly reduces the weight of the display. The company didn't use this etching process to make the iPhone's OLED panels lighter because the new iPhones already have reduced weight compared to previous LCD-displayed iPhones, and the use of this process would also lead to increased costs. Now, this etching process may be the first to appear on the iPad.

The first OLED iPad models are expected to include the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros, possibly launching in 2024. Samsung plans to use the device to mass-produce 8.5th-generation OLED panels by the end of 2024 for Apple's second-generation OLED iPad.

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