ASE's packaging and testing plant in Zhongli spent 6.78 billion yuan to expand

The global leader in packaging and testing, ASE Investment Control, has strengthened its investment in northern Taiwan, China, and its subsidiary, ASE Semiconductor, has built a second park in Zhongli Industrial Zone and spent 30 billion Taiwan dollars (about 6.78 billion yuan). RMB) to expand new factories and expand advanced packaging and testing capacity. It is reported that the new plant will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on July 15, and is scheduled to be completed and put into production in September 2024.

In total, ASE Group will invest a total of NT$100 billion (about 22.6 billion yuan) in the first and second parks of the Zhongli Industrial Zone, creating a production capacity of NT$100 billion.

Chen Tianci, general manager of ASE Zhongli Plant, said that the new plant in the second park of ASE Zhongli Plant is planned with three aspects: "automated factory", "smart building" and "green building". NT$10 billion (approximately RMB 2.26 billion) will be invested in plant construction and NT$20 billion (approximately RMB 4.52 billion) to expand advanced packaging capacity. It is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2024. The second park covers an area of About 3,000 square meters, the building has a total of nine floors. It is expected to mainly produce cutting-edge technology products for growth-type wiring. The estimated output value can reach 60 million US dollars (about 405 million yuan) per month, and the second park can create 2,000 Employment opportunities. In the future, we will actively explore talents in R&D and technology in the Taoyuan area, increase the employment rate in the greater Taoyuan area and activate the surrounding economic activities.

ASE said that the new factory in the second park will introduce the concept of intelligent manufacturing and digital integration as the design blueprint of the automated factory. From material feeding to shipping, the original manual production will be replaced by machine automated manufacturing, and AI intelligent inspection will replace manual inspection. Greatly improve the accuracy of product inspection.

In addition, the intelligent building of the new factory is based on the gold-grade specifications to introduce the intelligent building design concept and intelligent high-tech technology, and integrates various facilities systems in the factory with an intelligent management platform, which can make the disaster prevention notification system of the factory more timely and complete, improve Safety inside and outside the factory.

As for green buildings, they are built with design concepts such as energy saving, water saving and circular economy. The construction of green corridors on the surrounding sidewalks, the use of energy-saving facilities inside the factory buildings, and the recycling and reuse of water resources all prove once again that ASE Group is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Carbon emphasis.

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