Bosch to invest 3 billion euros in semiconductor business by 2026

The automotive technology and service provider Bosch Group announced that it will invest 3 billion euros (about 20.28 billion yuan) in its semiconductor business by 2026. Bosch is one of Germany's industrial enterprises, engaged in industries such as automotive and intelligent transportation technology, and industrial technology. Bosch Technology Days 2022 took place on July 13 at the Bosch fab in Dresden, Germany.

The Bosch Group said it would be part of the EU's move to boost chip production. Part of the investment will be used to build two new chip R&D centers in Reutlingen and Dresden, Germany.

Bosch noted that the investment is part of the European Union's IPCEI microelectronics and communications technology funding program. It is unclear to what extent the EU will support Bosch's plans.

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