BYD responds to rumors about the development of "lithium manganese iron phosphate" batteries

LatePost reported that the lithium manganese iron phosphate batteries of Ningde Times, Xinwangda and Yiwei Lithium have passed the battery pilot test in the first half of this year, and are sending samples to car companies for testing; BYD's Fudi battery has also begun to purchase lithium iron manganese phosphate materials and is currently in the internal research and development stage.

BYD responded to The Paper in response to the rumor of "research and development of lithium iron manganese phosphate batteries", saying, "There will be research on various materials of batteries." Earlier, market sources said that BYD's Fudi battery began to purchase phosphoric acid in small batches at the beginning of this year. The manganese iron lithium material is currently in the internal research and development stage.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have surpassed ternary batteries in terms of output and vehicle loading due to their low cost and strong safety, but the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries is close to the "ceiling". As an upgraded version of lithium iron phosphate, lithium iron manganese phosphate has a higher voltage platform, the energy density can be about 15% higher than it, and retains the safety and low-cost characteristics of lithium iron phosphate cells.

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