ByteDance is hiring a large number of chip engineers

 According to the "Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily" report, ByteDance is hiring a large number of chip-related engineers, such as front-end design of SoC and Core, model performance analysis, verification, underlying software, and driver development, low Power design, chip security, etc. People familiar with the matter said that this may be ByteDance preparing to develop its own chips.

On June 13 this year, some media found that ByteDance was looking for SoC design/verification talents. ByteDance has released a number of SoC system development/design & verification intern job recruitment revelations on the school recruitment website, mainly located in Beijing and Shanghai.

The job information for the design & verification position includes detailed design and simulation analysis of the front-end of IP modules, and participation in chip testing and debugging; SoC system development/verification job responsibilities include chip bottom-level software development and SoC Bring- up, which usually refers to the lighting link after the chip is taped out. In terms of qualifications, both positions require candidates to be familiar with the RISC-V or ARMv8 system architecture, and the system development and verification positions also require the X86 architecture.

According to the "Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily", the ByteDance chip research and development team has been established for more than a year. Currently, it mainly focuses on three categories: server chips, AI chips and video cloud chips. The leader of the server chip team is Lu Shan, a senior from Qualcomm in North America. . In addition, ByteDance has hired a lot of people from Huawei HiSilicon and Arm with high salaries. As for the reason for ByteDance's self-developed chips, people familiar with the matter said that on the one hand, it can reduce the cost of chip procurement, and on the other hand, it can adjust the chip according to the company's business.

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