Canon releases Hyunfei SELPHY CP1500

Canon announced the launch of the small photo printer Xuanfei SELPHY CP1500, which can support multiple smartphone access, Apple iOS shortcut command operations, and mobile phone, card, PC multi-terminal printing, listed in September, the price of the National Bank has not yet been announced.

The official said that when this printer prints through the mobile application SELPHY Photo Layout 3.0.0, you can choose a variety of prints such as stars, hearts, flowers, etc. to cover the photo, creating exclusive and exciting creations and enjoying printing fun. The printed photos have undergone a special lamination process, which instantly has the characteristics of water drop and dust resistance, which is convenient for collection and preservation. During the printing process, Xuanfei SELPHY CP1500 can print clear and vivid photos with the help of an automatic correction function and dye-sublimation printing technology. Efficient and convenient operation and advanced lamination process make this model a new choice for fashionable people who enjoy photo fun.

Xuanfei SELPHY CP1500 can be connected to multiple smartphones at the same time. When participating in parties and other activities, guests can print their own photos at will without having to print them through others. You can also set up QR codes through SELPHY Photo Layout 3.0.0, print QR codes on photos, and share online albums, photo locations, or video website links with friends.

In terms of parameters,  the printing resolution of Xuanfei SELPHY CP1500 is 300×300dpi, it only takes about 41 seconds to print a postcard size photo, about 35 seconds for an L-size photo, and 23 seconds for a card size photo, which is faster than the previous generation. The product Xuanfei CP1300 is about 10% faster. In addition, Xuanfei SELPHY CP1500 can also realize mobile printing by purchasing the NB-CP2LI type battery separately. With a fully charged battery, it can print about 72 postcard-sized photos. In terms of imaging, especially the printing of portrait photos, Xuanfei SELPHY CP1500 has made a new upgrade. There is an image optimization function in the printer and SELPHY Photo Layout. Just turn on this function, and the overall brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. of the photo will be automatically adjusted, which improves the clarity of the photo and makes the skin color of the person more natural.

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