China mainstream mobile phones have switched to the USB Type-C interface

Recently, representatives of the European Parliament and the European Council reached an agreement to agree that by 2024, the charging interface of all portable electronic devices in the EU region is unified as USB Type-C. In addition, the communiqué of the European Parliament also pointed out that the charging speed of devices that support fast charging should also be uniform so that users can use any compatible charger to charge the device at the same speed.

According to CCTV Finance reports, for this new regulation, industry insiders said that the most affected is the Apple iPhone that is still using the Lightning interface. Patent revenue is considered to be one of the important reasons why Apple is reluctant to give up the Lightning interface. It is reported that Apple The port charges are relatively high. Type-C does not have this problem. It is publicly authorized and can be used for free. Generally, the official purchase of an Apple Lightning head needs to cost about 2-2.4 US dollars each.

Some manufacturers said that after learning about the new EU regulations, they plan to introduce three more automated production equipment to specially weld Type-C charging cables to improve production efficiency. As for the Apple Lightning cable, it will maintain its current state and will not increase investment. Compared with Apple Lightning, Type-C is more suitable for the automated production of hardware.

According to industry insiders, Apple's iPhone will not switch to Type-C until around 2024 at the earliest, after which the number of Apple Lightning cables will gradually decrease.

Up to now, the mainstream models launched by domestic mobile phone manufacturers have all switched to the Type-C interface. In my country, the standardization of mobile phone fast charging technology is also constantly advancing, with the participation of many mobile phone companies and chip companies to lay the foundation for the subsequent development of relevant national standards. In the future, my country may take the lead in realizing the unification of charging standards in the field of fast charging.

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