China's first high-definition wireless audio standard HWA released

The China Electronic Audio Industry Association, together with more than 30 domestic and foreign companies including Sennheiser, Goertek, and Huawei, officially released the " High-Definition Wireless Audio Technology and Equipment Specifications and Test Methods " (referred to as HWA standard, Hi-Res Wireless Audio), this standard is jointly initiated by China Electronic Audio Industry Association and China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, aiming at consumers' listening experience of wireless audio quality, connection, power consumption, noise reduction, etc. The development of clear standards will bring high-definition wireless audio experience to more consumers and continue to promote the development of the audio industry.

The official release of this standard marks that my country's wireless audio industry has reached the world's leading level in technical research, product design, quality evaluation, and other fields. In the future, it will continue to gather industry consensus to promote the healthy development and continued prosperity of my country's audio industry.

The next day, HWA's first authorized laboratory licensing and laboratory open day was held at the China Electronics Standardization Institute. It is reported that after 5 years of development and research on this standard and more than 30 key enterprises in the industry, the Saixi laboratory, as the first authorized laboratory of HWA, has achieved testing and verification covering all technical indicators of the HWA high-definition wireless audio standard.

The first product to receive HWA certification will be Huawei's new flagship true wireless noise-canceling headset FreeBuds Pro 2. This headset has been released overseas before, and the release time of the National Bank has not yet been announced. The Chinese version of Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 has indeed been marked with the HWA logo on the outer packaging.

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