CINNO: Mobile phone panel prices are expected to be under pressure across the board in July and August

CINNO Research released a report saying that due to the continued sluggish terminal demand, the prices of a-Si / LTPS / AMOLED panels were all under pressure in July and continued to decline. Among them, a-Si / LTPS panels continued to decline. The price continued to drop by $0.1.

The report pointed out that flexible AMOLED smart machine panels continued to maintain a high level in the first quarter of 2022. Since April, the shortage of driver chips has eased. Domestic flexible AMOLED panel manufacturers have begun to win orders at aggressive prices. The panel price is reduced by $1 per month and is expected to continue to decline by $1 in July.

In addition, in the first half of 2022, due to the shortage of chips, the prices of rigid AMOLED panels remained high and sideways for five consecutive months from February to June. Rigid AMOLED smartphone panel prices may drop by $1 in July.

CINNO Research expects that due to the sluggish terminal demand in July and August 2022, the prices of mobile phone panels will be under pressure across the board, and the prices of rigid AMOLED and flexible AMOLED panels will drop by $1 , while LCD panel prices will still drop by 0.1 dollars.

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