Fake Apple iPhone 14 / Pro series official protective cases have appeared in China

Fake official protective cases for Apple's iPhone 14/Pro series have been launched in China, according to MacRumors. According to Twitter user @Majin Bu: "They have copied the iPhone 14 case, it's amazing how the Chinese are always one step ahead."

As can be seen from the picture, the four protective cases are generally similar to Apple's official products, and the rear camera opening is also the same as previously reported, but it is still marked with the words iPhone 14 Max, not the latest iPhone 14 Plus.

Twitter user DuanRui also shared a mold of the iPhone 14 Pro today, showing that the rear camera is expected to become larger this year.

According to several design drawings circulating on the Internet, Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max has a camera bump of 4.17 mm and a body thickness of 7.85 mm.

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