Fuji Expands U.S. Plant, Bets on Semiconductor Wet Chemical Demand

Semiconductor materials manufacturer Fujifilm (FUJIFILM) has announced a $350 million investment plan for its US business, which will be used for capacity expansion and product research and development to meet long-term demand growth in the local market.

Fuji said that the capacity investment will be used to expand the company's existing facilities in Arizona, Rhode Island, Texas, and California to increase the production capacity of high-purity materials related to CMP slurries and lithography processes.

Including the investment in U.S. production facilities, Fujifilm expects to execute a total of US$1 billion in strategic investments over the next two years. Through expanding production capacity and expanding product lines, the company has also set an operation to achieve 400 billion yen in revenue by the fiscal year 2030. The target has doubled from last year's level of 146.7 billion yen.

Fujifilm Co., Ltd. (Fuji フイルム Co., Ltd.), referred to as Fuji or Fujifilm, is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of precision chemicals, films, storage media, and cameras.

Fuji has more than 220 R&D, production, and sales facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America. At the same time, it also produces storage media for computers, such as CD-Rs and polar disks. In the past, Fujifilm's main competitors were Kodak and Konica. But today, with the rapid popularization of digital cameras and the sharp shrinking of the traditional film market, the film business has been greatly impacted. Fuji has turned to the research and development of digital camera business, and its competitors have also become digital camera companies such as Canon, Nikon and Sony.

Fuji has not been eliminated from the market because of film, nor has it gone bankrupt like Kodak, but has successfully transformed and developed its own digital camera products, and has developed diversified businesses such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics with years of experience in chemical products.

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