Garmin launches Edge Explore 2 stopwatch

According to Garmin's official news, today, Garmin released the new Edge Explore Explore 2 bicycle computer, pre-sale on July 26th, but the price has not yet been announced. According to officials, the Edge Explore 2 can last up to 16 hours under heavy usage conditions and up to 24 hours in power-saving mode. The intuitive and high-contrast riding map is preset, and users can view popular routes and searchable routes. Points of Interest. Equipped with a 3-inch touchscreen, it is easy to read.

Garmin Edge Explore 2 has preset riding modes, including road, off-road, and indoor riding modes; it has riding type-specific maps, popularly based on billions of miles of riding data uploaded to Garmin Connect by other users' Routes; routes can be created through Garmin Connect, Strava, and other apps, and they can be quickly synchronized to the device; support turn-by-turn navigation and prompt the cyclist to turn; Riders see remaining ascent and grade data for the climb on the current route.

For safety, when the Edge Explore 2 is paired with a compatible smartphone, GroupTrack, and group messaging allow cyclists and their riding buddies to keep an eye on each other and stay connected, even when they're out of sight. Additionally, if an accident is detected while riding, the Edge Explore 2 will automatically send a message with the location of the accident to a preset emergency contact. For increased safety while riding, the Edge Explore 2 is compatible with the Varia line of smart radar lights, including the new Varia RCT715 rear-view radar with cameras and taillights, allowing users to see, be seen and continuously capture video while riding Fragment. If the cyclist stops midway for refueling or filming, when the bicycle is moved, the protected bicycle and equipment will send an abnormal alert to the paired smartphone.

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