Germany approves Tesla to sell Model Y trial-produced at Berlin plant

Tesla has been conducting trial production at the Berlin Gigafactory in Germany since the end of 2021, and recently German regulators approved Tesla to sell these thousands of Model Y electric SUVs produced in the "testing phase".

It is reported that German regulators will only allow Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory to officially start production in March 2022. But until then, Tesla has been trial-producing the Model Y electric car.

Tesla first obtained a license to run a test production run on a smaller production scale. Since January this year, Tesla has received permission to trial-produce 2,000 Model Y bodies. Recently, the environmental office of the German state of Brandenburg allowed Tesla to sell these Model Ys.

Tesla reportedly filed an application to sell the electric vehicles last month, and it was approved. Some in Germany believe Tesla's move violates trial production licensing requirements, but Thomas Frey of the German state of Brandenburg's environment office explained: "Tesla is free to operate its test plant capacity. The bodies made during the period, if the cars are fit for sale, they can be sold.”

Tesla did not specify in the application how many Model Y electric vehicles it plans to deliver to customers in the testing phase.

Although these electric vehicles are produced in the factory testing stage, as long as they pass the factory inspection and quality control, they can be sold on the market.

Selling these electric vehicles will undoubtedly help Tesla. As Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently disclosed, Tesla is burning through billions of dollars ahead of mass production at Tesla's new Gigafactories in Berlin and Texas. The delivery of electric cars produced in the test phase to customers could at least temporarily boost production at the Berlin Gigafactory .

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