Honor Zhao Ming said that the joint name of mobile phone images is a gimmick

In terms of imaging, many mobile phone manufacturers have taken the form of co-branding with camera brands. According to Sina Technology, at today's Honor Communication Conference, Honor CEO Zhao Ming expressed his interest in mobile phones in an interview with the media. Views of the joint name of the image.

Zhao Ming said that there are also many partners who have found Honor and hope to co-brand, but they still have to find an improvement in the value of consumer experience. "It's just a gimmick, and it is necessary to avoid short-termism. Others have it, I have it, and there is no way to meet the needs of consumers. Innovation, experience, and service are the most essential and core."

He believes that in the design of flagship phones, mobile phone manufacturers should have their own distinctive features, and the most unique places should have their own logos. For example, with the Muse eye design on the Honor Magic series, Honor will stick to its own iconic design.

It is worth mentioning that on July 2, Huawei officially announced Huawei's imaging technology brand, Huawei Imaging XMAGE , which is also the exclusive logo of Huawei's mobile imaging.

In addition, according to the Financial Associated Press, Zhao Ming also responded to the argument that the partner is a shareholder of Glory. He said that Glory separates investment logic and business logic, and will not confuse the requirements for partners at the operational level. Zhao Ming said that it is unfair to exchange investment for priority, and everyone is equal under Glory's management and credit rules.

Honor today officially announced that it will hold a full-scene press conference on July 21 with the theme of "Enjoying Smart Life with Honor". Judging from the official poster information, Honor will launch a variety of new full-scene new products for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart screens, and TWS headphones.

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