Huawei's PixLab inkjet printer is exposed

Huawei has already launched laser printer products before. According to digital blogger @kanshan's uncle, Huawei will launch an inkjet printer and show the appearance of the printer.

Laser printers mainly use toner to print, and toner cartridges or toner cartridges need to be purchased. The printing speed is fast and the black and white printing effect is better; while inkjet printers mainly use ink to print, need to buy ink cartridges or add ink, and print slower, but color prints better.

The PixLab X1 laser multi-function printer launched by Huawei only supports black and white printing, and the new PixLab inkjet printer is expected to be equipped with color ink cartridges and will be able to support color printing, making up for the regret of the previous generation for users who wait and see.

Huawei PixLab X1 laser printer was released on September 13, 2021. It is equipped with a HarmonyOS system, supports printing, copying, and scanning, multiple devices close to the network, one-touch printing, and remote printing functions. When printing on one side, it can print about 28 sheets per minute. Automatic double-sided printing, the selling price is 1899 yuan, what do you think the price of new inkjet printers will be?

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