iFLYTEK releases smart wireless microphone C1

iFLYTEK's first wireless microphone C1 (abbreviation: C1) was officially released today. According to reports, C1 is a mid-to-high-end smart wireless microphone for the video/live broadcast industry. It can use the technical advantages of acoustic front-end and iFLYTEK AI transcription, with cameras, PCs, mixers/sound cards and apps, etc., to help Video creators, live broadcasters, reporters, and other media workers complete high-quality audio recording, subtitle processing, multi-terminal synchronization, and sound beautification, effectively improving the efficiency of video production and production.

In terms of battery life, C1, like most products on the market, adopts a one-for-two charging compartment design, with an overall battery life of about 20 hours and a wireless transmission distance of up to 200 meters. In addition, C1 also deeply integrates iFLYTEK's intelligent AI noise reduction algorithm, which can effectively identify and filter environmental noise, making people's voices clearer. At the same time, it also has 11 kinds of AI bel canto algorithms, which can be turned on with one button to select various sound effects, allowing creators to easily add buffs to the sound.

According to reports, C1 can be used with the iFLYTEK Hearing Subtitles App and can complete software and hardware collaboration through Bluetooth connection to realize operations such as radio and video subtitles. A 10-minute video can be completed in as fast as 30 seconds, and the accuracy rate of Chinese subtitles is as high as 98%. If you buy iFLYTEK Smart Wireless Microphone C1 now and activate it, you will get 50 hours of permanent machine subtitle service, and 10 hours of machine subtitle service discount every month for 12 consecutive months.

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