Intel is recruiting executives and veterans from Samsung and TSMC to boost its foundry competitiveness

According to The Register, in order to build a foundry business that can compete with Samsung and TSMC, Intel is actively hiring executives and senior employees from competitors such as Samsung and TSMC.

According to LinkedIn data, Suk Lee is currently the vice president of the Ecosystem Technology Office in Intel's foundry business. Before that, he worked at TSMC for 13 years, and his last title was vice president of the design infrastructure management department. Michael Chang served as Vice President of Customer Support in Intel's Foundry business, after 31 years at TSMC, where his last title was Director of Advanced Technology Solutions.

In June last year, Intel made its first high-profile hire of an outsider, Hong Hao, who was previously senior vice president and head of North American foundry operations at Samsung. At the same time, Margaret Han, who has worked at TSMC for 21 years, also joined Intel as Intel's senior director of global external manufacturing procurement and supplier management. In addition, many executives who have worked in the foundry sector have joined Intel, such as Walter Ng, who has worked at UMC for 8 years, joined Intel as vice president of business development in North America, and Lluis Paris, who has worked at TSMC for 14 years, joined Intel as Randhir Thakur, president of foundry services. office director.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger will launch Intel's foundry business in March 2021. The business aims to revive the company's market position and have a greater presence in global chip manufacturing. But Intel's foundry business only brought in $283 million (about 1.9 billion yuan) in revenue in the first quarter of this year. For reference, TSMC and Samsung were $17.5 billion (about 117.6 billion yuan) in the first quarter of this year. With revenue of US$100 million (about 35.6 billion yuan), Intel is far from posing a threat to Samsung and TSMC.

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