Intel notifies customers about the price hikes

In response to the news that "Intel notifies customers to increase product prices, up to 20%", analyst Lu Xingzhi believes that the semiconductor inflation trend will continue, but as demand turns Weak, and the result of the see-saw with the price cut to clear the inventory remains to be seen. Lu Xingzhi said that chips with weak demand, such as DRAM, NAND Flash, and panel driver ICs, are only likely to drop in price. But the news said that Intel will increase the price of computer x86 CPU. Lu Xingzhi said this news is very special and believes that Intel's increase in the price of server CPU and wireless network WiFi chip is still reasonable.

The analysis said that the semiconductor inflation trend will continue, but next year between the increase in global semiconductor costs and the weakening of chip demand and the reduction of prices to clear the inventory, which side can win or offset each other, and the result remains to be seen.

Nikkei reported on July 14, citing unnamed sources, that Intel has told customers that it will increase the prices of most microprocessors and peripheral chip products this fall, mainly due to rising production and production costs. material cost.

Intel plans to raise prices this fall on flagship products such as servers and PC processors, as well as on a range of products including Wi-Fi and other connectivity chips, three industry executives said. Different types of chips may vary, with increases ranging from single digits to more than 10% and 20% in some cases, a person familiar with the matter said, with increases that have yet to be finalized.

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