Intel Ruixuan A380 graphics card with a suggested retail price of 1030 yuan has been released for a month

On June 15, Intel officially launched the Ruixuan A380 GPU, which has a suggested retail price of 1030 yuan for its independent display and provides a 1080p 60fps gaming experience. At the time, Intel said the graphics card would go on sale in China in June and later as a component through OEMs.

It is now July 14th, and the Ruixuan A380 has not yet officially retailed.

The Chinese manufacturer Lanji is the only manufacturer to release the Ruixuan A380 graphics card. At present, its  GUNNIR Intel Arc A380 Photon 6G OC model has been listed in Ningmei, Minglongtang, and other complete machine products, but has not been retailed.

Although Lanji's A380 graphics card is not officially retailed, there are already sellers on the second-hand platform, and the price starts at 1199 yuan, which is higher than the suggested retail.

According to reports, this graphics card uses TSMC N6 process, has 8 Xe cores, which are 1024 stream processors, GPU frequency 2000MHz, equipped with 6GB 96bit GDDR6 memory.

According to Intel's official introduction, the Intel Ruixuan A380 GPU supports all the functions of DirectX 12 Ultimate, including hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and is running "League of Legends", "Forever", "The End of the Moon" and "PUBG Mobile", etc. In mainstream games, it provides a smooth gaming experience above 1080p @60fps.

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