Intel Ruixuan A750 Limited Edition Desktop Independent Display Physical Exposure

In March this year, Intel released Ruixuan mobile graphics card, and at the same time announced that the limited edition of Ruixuan desktop graphics card will be released this summer. Now, YouTube video creator Gamers Nexus has got a limited edition of the Sharp A750.

Intel's official website has not yet announced the parameters of this A750. At present, there is only Ruixuan A380 desktop graphics card, which has 8 Xe cores, 1024 stream processors, a maximum GPU frequency of 2450MHz, and is equipped with 6GB 96bit GDDR6 video memory. The A750 will have higher specs than the A380.

It is unclear whether the Intel Sharp A750 Limited Edition will retail. It is expected that Chinese manufacturers will be the first to launch a non-public version of the Ruixuan A750.

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