Intel's new Ruixuan A550M and A770M notebooks show their own running scores for the first time

Not long ago, Intel released the graphics driver for Ruixuan A series graphics cards, which supports Intel Ruixuan A770M and A550M notebook graphics cards. Now, the 3DMark scores of these two notebook graphics cards have appeared.

The Ruixuan A550M reportedly scored 6017 points in 3DMark Time Spy when tested on the older 1726 driver. However, the test was run with Intel APO (Benchmark Performance Optimization) enabled, making it less of a reference.

The Ruixuan A770M scored 13,244 points in Fire Strike Extreme, about the same score as the RTX 3070 laptop GPU. However, the official performance of the Ruixuan A770M has been confirmed by Intel, which is 12% faster than the RTX 3060 mobile graphics card. Therefore, the 3DMark scores exposed today prove that there is still a gap between Ruixuan A770M's running scores and actual performance.

The Intel Ruixuan A770M mobile graphics card is 32 Xe cores, 4096 stream processors, and 16GB of video memory. The A550M has 16 Xe cores, 2048 stream processors, and 8GB of video memory.

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