Intel's next-generation NUC Raptor Canyon exposed

The Reddit forum intel NUC module exposed the news of Intel NUC Raptor CANYON, which will be equipped with 13th generation Core K series processors and be larger. It is reported that the Intel Raptor CANYON will be equipped with the next-generation Intel processor, that is, the 13th-generation Core, with optional i9K, i7K, and i5K models, with a volume of 13.9L. For comparison, Intel's current largest NUC, the Dragon Canyon, is 8L.

There are currently three NUC products equipped with 12th-generation Core Duo, namely Dragon Canyon equipped with 65W desktop processors, Serpent Canyon equipped with 12th-generation Core H-series processors, and 12th-generation P-series processors. Wall Street Canyon. The latter two are not yet available.

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