Largan: Q3 revenue is expected to increase month by month

Largan CEO Lin Enping said yesterday that from the current customer orders, it is expected that July and August are both better than the previous month, mainly due to seasonal new products. Looking forward to the third quarter, Lin Enping said that in the traditional peak season, revenue is expected to rise month by month, and high-end models such as the more difficult 7P (7 plastic lenses) and 8P products will be concentrated in the third and fourth quarters. At present, it seems that there is not much competitive pressure for high-end lenses, but the demand is relatively weak, mainly because customers still generally have a pessimistic attitude towards the sales side.

In terms of mobile phone lens trends, Lin Enping said that lenses such as variable aperture are more difficult, and the 8P specifications are also very high. 9P products are still being promoted, and it is expected that there will be opportunities for mass production next year.

In addition to mobile phones and automotive applications, Lin Enping said that he continued to cooperate with customers including VR and automotive modules, and the specifications of these applications are still relatively low. The precision of VR products is not too high, and it is required to focus on wear resistance, which is different from that of mobile phone lenses.

When it comes to supply chain issues, compared to the supply chain shortage in the first half of the year, Lin Enping said that the inventory is more serious now, and it looks more and more serious.

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