Leyard: The joint venture company Lijing is positioned as Micro

Leyard stated in the newly disclosed investor relations activity record that the positioning of Lijing, a joint venture company with Jingdian, was at the Micro level, and Lijing was not just a production company. , which also includes R&D. In terms of division of labor, if everything related to the chip is developed and produced by Epistar; after Lijing purchases the chip, it will carry out packaging and giant turning, and other processes to produce the module.

Leyard said that for the company, on the one hand, we will conduct research and development on how to optimize product performance indicators from the perspective of the application side, such as the use of driver chips, the choice of packaging methods, etc. On the other hand, we will purchase modules from Lijing for production. Cost to ultimately display the product and promote and sell it.

In response to the investor's question, "Why are the Micro black diamond series products and small-pitch products launched by the company more cost-effective at the same spacing?", Leyard said that our Micro black diamond series is now a small-pitch ratio of cost to gold wire lamps. The price is about the same. From the perspective of future trends, as a mature product, the industrial chain and technological process have become stable, and the cost reduction space will not be very large, but Micro can be used in multiple directions. Efforts to further reduce costs, one is the improvement of product technology, including this time, our cost reduction is also related to the increase in yield during the giant turn; , or the depreciation and amortization of production equipment will bring about a reduction in costs; the third is the progress of the industrial chain brought about by breakthroughs in technologies such as COG and quantum dots, which will make Micro’s costs more significantly reduced.

Regarding business operations, Leyard said that overseas has maintained a normal growth rate this year. After the overseas epidemic situation eased in the second half of last year, overseas began to recover rapidly. In order to meet the outbreak of overseas demand and further expand the overseas market, the company re-planned the entire overseas business at the end of last year. In the past, our overseas markets were dominated by the mid-to-high-end markets in Europe and the United States, which were covered by Pingda's sales team and its channel network. There were only very scattered businesses in the Asian, African, and Latin American markets. Starting this year, on the one hand, we will continue to develop the European and American markets with Pingda as the center, and at the same time, we will set up a new team to develop the Asian, African and Latin American markets. Although some team members were hindered from going abroad due to epidemic control in the first half of the year, as of the end of May, our international team had successfully arrived there and carried out business activities. With the stabilization of the epidemic situation in Beijing, Shanghai, and other places in China, our direct sales and channels have also accelerated their recovery.

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