LG Rollable real phone to get started

Just three months before it completely quit the smartphone business, LG said at CES that it had made a mobile phone with a stretchable screen called LG Rollable, but at that time the official only gave There was a brief teaser that didn't show the real device, which has led to doubts that the company actually made the phone.

However, the LG Rollable's real-world hands-on video has now been streamed online, confirming that what LG said is true. The phone in the video is exactly the same as the video LG released in March last year, and with the push of a button, the screen automatically stretches out and becomes larger.

The screen of the machine is 7.4 inches in size after it is fully stretched, with a resolution of 1600 x 2428, and will shrink to 6.8 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 2428 when it is restored to its original state.

It can also be seen that the back of the machine appears to have three cameras plus a flash.

While the LG Rollable may never come out, the LG Display division is still around and working on various concept screens. The whistleblower evleaks revealed in May that Motorola is developing a screen stretchable phone code-named Felix, which is expected to inherit the mantle of LG Rollable.

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