Ming-Chi Kuo is optimistic about the iPhone 14/Pro series

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted today that according to his survey of distributors, retailers, and scalpers, Chinese channels are generally optimistic about Apple's upcoming iPhone 14 series, and they believe that the iPhone 14 series is in demand. The amount will exceed the iPhone 13 series.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that this may be because after Huawei withdrew from the 5G smartphone market, Apple now dominates almost the entire high-end smartphone market in China. This also means that the number of potential high-end iPhone users in the Chinese market has increased.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously said that demand for Apple's upcoming iPhone 14 series models this fall may be stronger than the already popular iPhone 13 series.

He said that judging by the results of his latest survey of Chinese dealers, retailers, and scalpers, the demand for the iPhone 14 in the Chinese market may be stronger than the iPhone 13, and they have to pay "the largest down payment ever" for the iPhone 14. , to ensure a stable supply.

He pointed out that currently in the Chinese market, Apple's iPhone 14 prepaid deposit is significantly higher than the iPhone 13 series, and even doubled in some regions.

Analysts from parts suppliers and logistics predict that Apple’s iPhone 14 shipments in the second half of this year may reach about 100 million or 90 million units. Strong demand for the iPhone 14 in the Chinese market may ease concerns about a drop in orders for the iPhone 14 after it goes on sale.

Judging from a series of previous revelations, Apple's iPhone 14 series this year will be divided into four models in two sizes, which is expected to bring you various improvements and enhancements, such as the new "exclamation mark screen", the upgraded front The new camera supports autofocus function; the new rear camera supports 48-megapixel shooting and 8K video recording; the new A16 chip.

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