MIUI 13 Xiaomi Miaoxiang Center has been officially launched to achieve global device interconnection

 According to MIUI official WeChat news, Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang Center has been officially launched.

According to reports, Xiaomi Miaoxiang Center is a new function launched by MIUI 13, which can realize global device interconnection, support audio, and video relay, application flow, and global broadcast control.

On a mobile phone, enter from the Control Center - Mi Magic Center entrance, or on a tablet, from the recent tasks - Xiaomi Mi Magic Center entrance in the upper left corner of the screen. On the mobile phone or tablet, you can drag and drop the music card to the screenless speaker, touch screen speaker, and TV, and the local music will continue to be played on the corresponding device, realizing the music relay.

On your phone or tablet, drag and drop the phone screen card or tablet screen card to the TV to enjoy TV screen projection. On the mobile phone, you can drag and drop the mobile phone screen card to the tablet or computer to realize cross-screen collaboration.

On the mobile phone, swipe from the bottom of the app to the application transfer entry in the upper left corner of the screen and let go, enter the device selection list, click to select the device you want to transfer, and then the current application can be sent to the target device, and the large-screen experience can be easily switched.

In order to use the Xiaomi Mi Miaoxiang Center function, the mobile phone needs to install the MIUI 13 system, and support the Mi Tablet 5, as well as a variety of Xiaomi computers, Xiaomi TVs, and other products.

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