MR headset Magic Leap 2 will go on sale on September 30

The Magic Leap 2 headset will be released on September 30, starting at $3,299 (about 22,202 yuan). This mixed-reality device is the successor to 2018's Magic Leap, which is smaller, lighter, and has a wider field of view, but costs more.

It is reported that Magic Leap has made Magic Leap 2 available to limited partners, including neurotech company SyncThink and other medical companies. The headset will officially go on sale in several markets this September, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as Japan and Singapore by the end of 2022.

The headset is available in three packages, the $3,299 "Basic" package includes the headset and limited warranty, the $4,099 "Developer Pro" package adds access to developing software tools and early software releases, and the $4,999 "Enterprise" package "The package includes quarterly software updates and tools to manage the deployment of headsets across the organization.

The Magic Leap 2 headset has basically the same shape as the previous generation, using a split design, but it has been slimmed down, and the weight has been reduced from 316 grams to 260 grams. The single-eye resolution is 1440 x 1760, the refresh rate is 120Hz, and the field of view is expanded to 70 degrees. In terms of performance, the performance of the CPU and GPU is 2~3 times stronger than the previous generation, with stronger storage capacity and battery life, and the official said that it can be used continuously for 3.5 hours. In addition, Magic Leap 2 will be equipped with more than 18 cameras and sensors: including 1 ambient light sensor, 2 altimeters, 2 magnetometers, 4 IMUs (including 2 integrated into the headset, 1 integrated into the handle, 1 integrated into the computing unit);

It's worth mentioning that Magic Leap emphasizes that the headset is built for businesses, not consumers.

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