Nikon's official response to news that Nikon will stop developing new SLR cameras

According to Nikkei News, Nikon will stop developing new SLR cameras and will focus on the development of mirrorless cameras in the future. However, Nikon will continue to manufacture and sell existing SLR camera models. Smartphones are forcing Japanese manufacturers to abandon once-coveted SLR models.

Japanese camera maker Nikon will exit the SLR camera business in favor of digital products as competition from smartphone cameras intensifies.

Nikon's SLR cameras have been widely used by professional photographers for over 60 years and are considered synonymous with the Japanese company.

Nikon now plans to focus its resources on mirrorless cameras, which have become mainstream thanks to more advanced digital technology.

Nikon says Nikon's cameras are losing out to smartphones, which are getting more and more powerful. Nikon aims to surpass them by offering products with more unique features.

In June last year, Nikon executives said the digital camera market was shrinking due to improvements in smartphone camera capabilities, and the company stopped making digital camera bodies in Japan by the end of 2021.

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