OPPO responds to being banned in Germany after being sued by Nokia

A few days ago, the District Court of Mannheim, Germany ruled that OPPO infringed Nokia's patents and granted Nokia a cease and desist order against OPPO, which means that OPPO and OnePlus devices may be banned in Germany.

According to a report by European patent media JUVE Patent, the cease-and-desist order involves two standard-essential patents (SEPs), EP 29 81 103 and EP 32 20 562. OPPO products using these two technologies will no longer be sold in Germany. In this regard, OPPO once raised an objection, but it was rejected by the District Court of Mannheim, Germany.

According to Times Finance, the relevant person in charge of OPPO responded that the sales of some products in Germany would be suspended. Malicious behavior of reasonably high license fees ." He also mentioned that OPPO respects intellectual property rights and advocates reasonable fees, advocates the settlement of intellectual property disputes between licensors and licensees through friendly negotiation, and respects the value of patents.

According to the "Global 5G Patent Activity Report (2022)" by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Nokia's patent family (a patent family that includes multiple patents applied for in different countries and enjoy common priority) accounted for 7.6%, and the total 5G patents for the entire device The cost is 40 euros, which is equivalent to RMB 271.

Data from research institute Canalys shows that in the third quarter of 2021, OPPO's shipments in the German smartphone market increased by 237%, but the volume is small, ranking fourth among mobile phone brands, second to Apple and Samsung ,Millet.

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