Panasonic spends $4 billion to build a new battery factory

According to KWCH reports, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly (Laura Kelly) confirmed the news that Panasonic will build a new battery factory in the state, which is expected to invest 4 billion US dollars (about 26.897 billion yuan). Yuan), is expected to add 4,000 jobs.

Governor Kelly said the project would be the largest private investment in Kansas' history and would bring dramatic changes to the state's economy. The new battery factory, which will be built in De Soto, is awaiting approval from the board of directors of Panasonic Holdings. At the same time, the completed battery factory is expected to surpass Tesla's battery factory in Nevada to become the largest electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant in the United States.

According to NIKKEI Asia, Panasonic chose to build a new battery plant in DeSoto, Kansas because of its proximity to Texas and greater tax breaks. When the new factory is completed, it will supply Tesla with new high-capacity batteries.

Panasonic revealed yesterday that it is developing a new technology that can increase battery density by 20% by 2030. At that time, with the same battery pack size, the technology can increase the range of Tesla Model Y electric vehicles by more than 100 kilometers. In terms of specific principles, Panasonic Energy Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Shoichiro Watanabe said in an interview that the new technology allows individual cells to operate at higher voltages without compromising the performance of the battery pack. Currently, Panasonic's batteries for Tesla use 4.2 volts, but the new technology can increase the voltage to 4.3 or 4.4 volts.

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