Phase One released XT Rodenstead 40mm lens

Phase One released the XT Rodenstead 40mm lens, which is dedicated to the XT IQ4 150MP camera. Officially, the XT Rodenstead HR Digaron-W 4.0/40mm tilt-shift lens can be ordered at Phase One China’s XT official authorized dealer. The delivery time is expected to start from September 2022, with a suggested price of 105,000 yuan.

It is a highly specialized new lens specially designed for the XT IQ4 150MP camera, dedicated to achieving unparalleled landscape photography. This lens is designed to meet the specific need for increased depth of field and absolute sharpness in the landscape field. It introduces a simple and unique tilt-type design to adjust the focal plane, control the depth of field, and improve the clarity of the entire image.

Additionally, Phase One announced that the Phase One X-Shutter is now available for the Rodenstead HR Digaron 138mm f/6.5 lens. Users can now order the Rodenstead HR Digaron 138mm f/6.5 lens with X-Shutter from several lens suppliers.

Cascable AB (iOS app) will be updated in the coming weeks. After the update, IQ4's mobile integration will be optimized and performance will be improved.

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