Sony releases compact shotgun microphone ECM-G1

Sony (China) Co., Ltd. officially released the compact and compact shotgun microphone ECM-G1, priced at 999 yuan, listed in early August. According to reports, the ECM-G1 has a large-sized microphone radio unit with a diameter of about 14.6mm, which can effectively suppress noise and perform clear sound pickup, improving the quality of Vlog video creation. Used with the included windscreen, it can effectively reduce the impact of outdoor wind noise, while the vibration suppression design and optimized microphone structure can further reduce low-frequency vibration noise. The cable-free design eliminates friction and vibration noise that can occur when connecting cables when connected to a Sony camera via the Mi Hot Shoe.

The ECM-G1 has a supercardioid directivity that suppresses ambient sounds to accentuate sounds coming from the front of the camera for clear audio pickup . Even when shooting indoors, the ECM-G1 reduces speech reverberation caused by wall echoes, enabling clear vocal recordings, suitable for Vlog selfies and live recordings.

The ECM-G1 can be connected to a Sony camera through the Mi hot shoe, enabling flexible recording without batteries and cables : the body can directly supply power to the ECM-G1, and you don't need to worry about cables when you open the LCD rollover screen when shooting interference.

The ECM-G1 is compact in design, weighing about 34g and measuring about 28.0mm x 50.8mm x 48.5mm. The ECM-G1 also comes with a 3.5mm audio cable, which can be connected to devices such as compatible cameras and smartphones through the side microphone output interface.

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