Sony SRS-XE200/300 Bluetooth speakers are listed today

Sony launched the X-series Bluetooth speaker new products SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200 on Monday. Among them, the SRS-XE200 is the entry-level model in the series, and the SRS-XE300 is the mid-end model, priced at 1299 yuan and 1799 yuan respectively, and officially launched today.

The XE200 has Sony's newly developed linear diffuser, which can diffuse the sound to a wider range than traditional speakers. At the same time, it uses a 42mm × 51mm X-balanced speaker to achieve a more surging sound pressure under the same radius. Passive devices are also installed on both sides. The diaphragm achieves low frequencies.

XE200 supports Bluetooth 5.2, codec supports SBC, AAC, and LDAC supports hands-free calling and multipoint communication technology, supports Clear Audio +, S-Master, and DSEE in audio technology, USB-C charging, equipped with A 2700mAh battery that can be fully charged for 4 hours and last for 16 hours. It supports waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

The XE300 is equipped with a newly developed linear diffuser, but the size of the full-frequency unit is larger, reaching 49mm × 71mm, and passive low-frequency diaphragms are also installed on both sides.

In addition, XE300 also supports Bluetooth 5.2, codec supports SBC, AAC and LDAC, supports hands-free calling and multi-point connection, audio technology supports Clear Audio +, S-Master and DSEE, USB-C charging, battery life can reach 24 hours , support waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

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