Sony VP: The new INZONE brand will become the Nike of e-sports equipment

Sony executive said that he hopes its new INZONE gaming gear line will be to e-sports players what Nike is to professional athletes.

Sony last month released its INZONE line of gaming products, which includes several monitors and headsets aimed primarily at hardcore PC gamers.

Sony said it has partnered with Riot Games to use INZONE devices in e-sports competitions for its shooter Valorant and will also use INZONE devices in EVO World Fighting Championships.

Sony executive vice president Kazuo Kii told Nikkei recently that Sony's background as a TV company gives it an advantage in the PC market, where most monitors are made by PC makers.

"Among established producers, there is no dominant leader yet, which presents an opportunity for us. Many of the existing producers started out with PCs, so they are disadvantaged in terms of display brilliance and contrast. Sony's What makes it unique is that we come from the TV manufacturing industry, we are proud of our image technology and look forward to showing our customers an immersive experience and realism.”

"We'll start at the very top and understand what the top esports players want, and our vision is to be a brand like Mizuno and Nike provide shoes for athletes ."

Although INZONE products are compatible with PS5, Kii reiterated that the product line is " targeted at hardcore PC gamers, not PlayStation users ."

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