TD Tech will launch customized smart watches/bands

According to the release of TD Tech, TD Tech has launched customized smart wearable products and solutions. According to TD Tech, the Watch B7 series, Watch B5 series, Watch B9 series, and bracelet series will be launched.

According to TD Tech, the application scenarios of smart wear are more extensive, mainly including sports health, health screening, instant messaging, emergency reporting, work processing, corporate office, etc. In some industries, such as data security, health analysis, business collaboration, etc. higher requirements. TD Tech will provide industry customers with custom-developed series of wearable products and solutions. Through custom-developed software and hardware, the watch band maintains the original appearance, functions, and user experience, adapts to the sports health management platform, and realizes health care and training. management and business collaboration. Smart wearable products support the collection of health data such as heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, number of steps, sleep, etc., and transmit information through carrier network, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. The sports health management platform can perform data analysis and early warning reminders, combined with the open button and information push functions of the watch bracelet itself, to realize the collaborative function of wearable devices under business.

TD Tech was established in 2005, focusing on the innovation of wireless communication technologies and products. Its business covers three major sectors: industry wireless, IoT & 5G, and terminal products. At present, TD Tech's industrial wireless solutions have been successfully applied in the fields of intelligent transportation, airports, ports, smart grids, and public safety.

According to the official website, TD Tech's industry-specific terminal (the star model is TD Tech M40) is reinforced at the system level based on the best-selling terminal and provides customized services on the basis of security. TD Tech's industry-specific terminals cover 32 provincial-level administrative regions in China and overseas markets, with business covering multiple industry fields, dual-system design, taking into account internal and external network office, intranet working system, ensuring information security, Internet working system, taking into account the convenience of use, Dual operating systems run in different ROM spaces, completely isolate application data and personal data from the bottom layer, data isolation, support one-key fast switching, fingerprint switching, NFC induction switching, fence switching, quick switching, dual systems are online at the same time, avoid missed Important news in the background.

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