Tesla's Texas factory Model Y production has approached 1,000 a week

The opening ceremony was held on March 22nd, and the three-shift production Model Y is Tesla’s Berlin super factory, and the weekly output reached 1,000 vehicles in mid-June.

After the Berlin Gigafactory, the Tesla Texas Gigafactory, which held a grand opening ceremony on April 7, is currently producing nearly 1,000 vehicles per week.

According to information from aerial photography sources, foreign media reported that the weekly output of Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory has approached 1,000 vehicles. Aerial photographers who have been taking aerial photos of Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory since the start of construction, and which are updated almost every day, said that Tesla is increasing the production of Model Y in this super factory at an alarming rate, and the current production increase has reached a new level.

The aerial photographer who has been following the Texas Gigafactory for a long time said that at present, the factory ships more than 150 Model Y vehicles per day, and the weekly output is close to 1,000 vehicles.

When the weekly production of the Model Y in the Berlin Gigafactory reached 1,000 units in June, both Tesla and Musk disclosed the news of the milestone on social media. When the weekly output of the Texas Gigafactory reached 1,000 units, Tesla The pull side is also expected to disclose, and aerial photography people also expect Tesla to announce relevant news.

The production of the Model Y at the Texas Gigafactory will increase, and Tesla's delivery capacity will also increase, which will also increase their overall delivery volume and boost their revenue.

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