The fast charging of Meizu 19 will be greatly improved

After Meizu released the Meizu 18s series in September last year, the company was acquired by Geely-owned Xingji Times on July 4 this year. Meizu will continue to operate as an independent brand. The main @Digital Chat Station broke the news about the charging solution of the brand's new-generation flagship Meizu 19.

The blogger said that Meizu's fast charging will be greatly improved. The Meizu 19's reserve plan already has a 100-watt battery plan. Specifically, Meizu is focusing on the MTW multi-pole ear dual charge pump dual-cell flash charging solution. It is worth mentioning that the 120W fast charging of the Redmi K50 e-sports version also adopts the MTW multi-pole ear dual-cell solution. Among them, the MTW multi-pole battery has smaller internal resistance and lower heat generation, and the dual-cell battery will make the mobile phone charge more efficiently.

Previously, the Meizu 19 manager of Meizu Technology planned to discuss the fast charging solution of Meizu 19. For the option of the 5000mAh battery + 100W fast charging solution, Meizu said that this solution will make the phone relatively heavy and the price will increase a lot.

At the signing ceremony of the strategic investment in Meizu Technology in Xingji Times, Meizu CEO Huang Zhipan said that Meizu 19 was originally planned to be released in September this year, but due to this cooperation, Meizu has re-adjusted its products, so Meizu 19 will be delayed until the first quarter of 2023.

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