The fingerprint and metal frame of the mid-range Android phone are gradually returning

Manufacturers have recently started to release Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 flagship phones, such as Xiaomi 12S series, Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition, Red Magic 7S /7S Pro series, and the upcoming iQOO 10 series Wait. In addition to flagship phones, mid-range Android phones will also usher in some changes.

Weibo blogger @Digital Chat Station said, "The under-screen fingerprints and metal middle frame that used to be standard on mid-range phones are gradually returning, but the telephoto is still strictly graded. Mid-range phones also need outsole and super-sole cameras. The main camera fusion technology of the image architecture does pixel cropping, and the effect is comparable to the ordinary small bottom, low pixel, medium telephoto. ”

Recently, it was reported that Xiaomi is developing two mid-range new phones, equipped with 50 million and 200 million pixel sensors, one is an outsole and one is a super-sole, as well as an iterative high-performance platform of MediaTek 9000 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 The flagship platform, some netizens speculated that it is a new Civi machine.

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