Toyota curtails output at Texas plant

Toyota Motor said on Thursday that the heat wave has caused power shortages in Texas, and the company has reduced production at its San Antonio, Texas, assembly plant to save electricity.

Texas grid operators took emergency measures Wednesday to avoid blackouts as demand for electricity soared. Toyota plans to stop production by 2 p.m. and shorten night shift hours through mid-August as Texas faces extreme heat, a Toyota spokesman said.

Separately, Toyota said the plant was scheduled to shut down for five days next week and extended by two days due to a global semiconductor shortage. However, the spokesman added that the shutdown had nothing to do with the heatwave.

In addition to Toyota, many other companies, including Samsung Electronics, are also reducing electricity usage. Samsung said in a statement on Thursday that it is carefully monitoring weather conditions and communicating with local governments, and will adjust plans accordingly; General Motors said its assembly plant in Arlington, Texas, did not cut production but reduced air-conditioning use Tesla is also urging its customers to avoid charging their cars during peak hours to avoid stressing the Texas grid.

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