TSMC estimates that this year's capital expenditure is 40 billion US dollars

Liu Deyin, chairman of the foundry leader TSMC, pointed out in the online legal person briefing this afternoon that the scale of capital expenditures this year may fall between 40 billion US dollars (about 268.8 billion yuan) to 44 billion US dollars ( The low point of about 295.68 billion yuan), capital expenditure will maintain disciplined investment next year.

Wei Zhejia, president of TSMC, said that in the past, TSMC mainly expanded capital expenditures on advanced wafer processes, but in recent years, due to the urgent needs of customers, TSMC has also expanded capital expenditures on special processes.

The legal person asked about the scale of capital expenditure this year and next year. Liu Deyin expects that the scale of TSMC's capital expenditure this year will fall from the low point of the previous estimate of US$40 billion to US$44 billion. It is still too early to say capital expenditure next year, but TSMC's long-term growth can be expected. , will maintain disciplined investment.

Wei Zhejia responded to the legal person's question with very confidence twice in a row. He said that TSMC expanded capital expenditures for special processes according to customer needs.

According to TSMC's official website, special processes include micro-electromechanical (MEMS), CMOS image sensing components (CIS), analog components (Analog), embedded flash memory (eFlash), mixed-signal/RF components, high-voltage components, etc.

In addition, TSMC President Wei Zhejia said today that customers are starting to reduce inventory, but TSMC's dollar revenue is expected to grow by 35% this year, which is better than the previous estimate of 30%. Wei Zhejia said that demand for consumer products such as computers and smartphones was weak, and customers began to reduce inventories in the second half of this year. It is expected that it will take several quarters to return to normal levels.

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