TSMC released its second-quarter financial report on the 14th

According to the news announced on the official website, TSMC will release the second quarter financial report on the afternoon of the 14th, that is, tomorrow afternoon. Many executives, including CEO Wei Zhejia and CFO Huang Renzhao, are expected to attend the subsequent conference. Earnings analyst Q&A session to give a detailed introduction to the second quarter results and answer questions from analysts.

For the second quarter, in the first quarter financial report released on April 14, TSMC expected revenue of 17.6-18.2 billion US dollars, a gross profit margin of 56%-58%, and an operating profit margin of 45%-47%.

From the monthly revenue disclosed by TSMC, their revenue in the second quarter met their expectations.

TSMC's monthly revenue data shows that in the three months of the second quarter, their revenue was NT$172.561 billion, NT$185.705 billion, and NT$175.874 billion, equivalent to US$5.781 billion, US$6.221 billion and US$5.892 billion. Revenues came in at $17.894 billion, in the range of $17.6-18.2 billion they expected.

Although the revenue data has been released, in the second quarter financial report, they will also disclose various financial data such as gross profit margin, operating expenses, operating profit, and net profit .

In addition, TSMC will also disclose the revenue status of various process technologies in the financial report. In the second quarter of this year, the two-year 5nm process technology will be mass-produced. Whether the quarterly revenue can exceed 7nm for the first time will also be reported in the financial report. 

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