US carrier Verizon launches entry-level 'unlimited' 5G plans starting at $30 a month

US operator Verizon Verizon today announced the launch of a new 5G unlimited plan for "Welcome Unlimited", available today, which the company says is its unlimited talk, text, and 5G / LTE data. The most affordable price.

The Welcome Unlimited plan is priced at $30 per line per month when paid using autopay and supports phones with four lines, and Verizon also offers when activating an existing LTE or 5G phone on the new plan $240 Verizon eGift Card per line, up to $960 for a family of four. One line is priced at $65 per month (about 436.15 yuan), and two lines are priced at $55 per line per month (about 369.05 yuan).

Verizon offers the Welcome Unlimited plan separately from its current Mix and Match Unlimited plans for families, and cannot be combined with those plans. The Mix and Match Unlimited plan allows family members to have unlimited plans with different benefit packages and data options.

The Welcome Unlimited plan offers unlimited 5G/LTE data, but during times of congestion, Verizon says data may be temporarily slowed down. The Welcome Unlimited plan doesn't include mobile hotspot functionality, unlike Verizon's other plans.

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