Vivo WATCH 2 pushes v1.39.21 system firmware update

The Vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch began to push the v1.39.21 system firmware update. The download package size is 43.90MB. This time, the new WeChat watch version App supports some quick reply capabilities. Download and install Please keep the watch connected during the download and transfer.

Update Notes:

1. The WeChat Watch Edition App needs to be used with Android 9.0 or above, and the iOS system does not support this function for the time being;

2. The WeChat Watch Edition App can only be used when connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth;

3. The WeChat Watch Edition App includes the WeChat Pay function. Users who have activated WeChat Pay need to log in to the App and re-activate it ;

4. The WeChat Watch Edition App needs to be used with Vivo health client v3.2.5.25 and mobile WeChat client v8.0.24 and above.

The Vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch adopts a borderless mirror design. The integrated watch mirror is matched with an integrated black polarizer, and the screen is completely integrated. The size of the watch body does not increase, and the frame is narrowed. With the bezel composed of 1680 star arrays, 7 star arrays are spread out layer by layer.

Vivo WATCH 2 supports independent communication, and in typical scenarios of independent communication, it can achieve a long battery life of 7 days. In a typical scenario where independent communication is turned off, the battery life can reach 14 days.

The vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch can monitor the health of users around the clock, including continuous blood oxygen monitoring, all-day heart rate monitoring, etc., and can automatically synchronize the data to the mobile phone, which is convenient for users to trace. The Vivo WATCH 2 smartwatch can also provide lifestyle guidance such as stress monitoring, physical vitality value, and water drinking reminders.

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