Wingtech's cockpit products are officially shipped

Wingtech Technology today released the " Announcement on the Official Shipment of Vehicle-mounted Projects for Product Integration Business ", which is called the official shipment of the car cockpit developed by the leading domestic new energy vehicle manufacturer.

Wingtech said that the company's product integration business is actively deploying in the field of automotive electronics, and the company's development of smart cockpit products for domestic new energy vehicle leading manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as "customers") is progressing smoothly. At present, the car cockpit product has entered mass production and started shipping.

Wingtech said that in recent years, the company's product integration business has expanded from traditional mobile phone ODM to broader fields such as laptops, AIoT, servers, and automotive electronics. The shipment of this vehicle-mounted project shows that the company has been fully recognized by customers in terms of product performance, innovation capability, quality control, and supply capability in the field of automotive electronics. It is an important breakthrough for the company's product integration business to accelerate the expansion of the automotive electronics market. In the future, the company's automotive electronics business will continue to deepen its efforts in product technology innovation and market customer expansion, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of the company's product integration business in the field of automotive electronics.

At present, the company's production and operation are normal, and various businesses are carried out in an orderly manner. At this stage, the project is still in the early stage of shipment, and it does not have a significant impact on the company's production and operation.

Wingtech Technology previously talked about the company's strategic layout in the field of new energy vehicles on the interactive platform

First, as a leading automotive semiconductor manufacturer, Nexperia not only maintains long-term cooperation with the world's top Tier 1 customers such as Bosch, Continental, Delphi, and Denso in the automotive field but also closely cooperates with BYD and domestic new energy vehicle customers. , and actively promote the introduction of new products.

Second, the company's product integration business has achieved a breakthrough from consumer electronics to automotive electronics. The project of in-vehicle smart terminal products for the top smart car customer brands is progressing smoothly and will be mass-produced.

Third, in terms of optics, the company is developing products for different scenarios such as in-vehicles and entering the vehicle-mounted camera market.

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