Xiaomi Mijia 536L large-capacity side-by-side refrigerator officially launched

Xiaomi Mijia 536L large-capacity side-by-side refrigerator was officially launched. It has 347L of refrigerated space and 189L of freezer space, and the price is 2199 yuan.

This Mijia 536L side-by-side refrigerator has 20 compartments of storage space, and officials say it can hold 309 boxes of ice cream and 487 apples.

In terms of design, this refrigerator adopts a side-by-side door design with a vast Moyu rock panel. At the same time, the door body is equipped with an LED touch panel, which supports four modes: intelligent regulation, quick cooling, quick freezing, and holiday.

In addition, the Mijia 536L refrigerator adopts a waterfall-type sinking air outlet design and air-cooled frost-free technology. It is equipped with a frequency conversion fan and a frequency conversion compressor. Officially, the noise is only 36 decibels and the power consumption is 0.96 kWh/day.

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